Found my cat, yesterday…

I didn’t find him, someone else did…He got out like a year ago, and we’ve been unable to get him, despite knowing that he was in the area (neighbors have been feeding him)…During the snowstorm, one of my siblings’ friends found him wandering, and with assistance, were able to grab him…

He’s alive, we’re trying to set up a vet appointment for him…He’s aggressive, which makes sense, whether he’s mad he’s back indoors or whether he actually went through some crazy events out there…He’s currently in the middle of our small downstairs bathroom…hissing at anyone who so much as leans in to wash their hands…lol…

That’s all…later, dinos…


Author: Plastic Dinosaur

I am literally a plastic dinosaur..."Literally" is not an exaggeration...My friends call me Dino (pronounced Dee-no)...

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